Why Your Empathy For Your Child Is Essential Too?

Why Your Empathy For Your Child Is Essential Too?
Emotional Development

Being empathetic towards your child will not only help her become empathetic, but it also gives you an open door to understand what your child is going through. Showing empathy will also establish a better connection between you and your child as you begin to acknowledge and validate her feelings.

1. Being empathetic helps you put your views, feelings and emotions aside and take into consideration what your child has to say. This way, your child will feel a lot more confident as her point of view is given importance.

2. Do not judge your child's way of thinking. She will strongly believe whatever she feels is right because that would be the only thing she knows. If she is wrong, make her understand why she is wrong by letting her know the reason behind it.

3. Do not be too hard or critical on her. This will only make her feel agitated, hurt or sad. You don't want your child thinking poorly of herself. It may take a while for you to get accustomed to conversing with your child in this manner, but the results are going to be rewarding!

4. Empathy is not about feeling bad for your child. It is about letting her know that you are always there to understand and support her no matter what.

5. All of this will help your child empathize with other people too. She will also be able to empathize with animals! Slowly, she will be empathetic towards emotions as well.