Wonderful Milk-- A Must Have For Your Child

Wonderful Milk-- A Must Have For Your Child
2y to 3y
Health & Nutrition

Milk is fortified with vitamin D, vital nutrients including protein, phosphorous, calcium, vitamin A and some B vitamins. What more reasons do you need to acknowledge milk is wonderful for your little one? There is nothing better than milk for a growing child. It has a proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins that help bones and teeth growth as well as aid proper functioning of muscles and blood vessels. Allot a fixed time every day for intake of milk. Make it a regular habit.

1. Make milk an irreplaceable item in their diet from childhood to ensure that they never think of giving up this nutritive, creamy beverage.

2. Milk has many nutrients that benefit child’s skin. Lactic acid acts as a natural exfoliator in removal of dead cells, enzymes smoothen their skin, amino acids moisturize their skin and antioxidants in the milk protect their skin from environmental damage.

3. A cold nutritive glass of milk after your child comes back from playing outdoors helps in replenishing fluids and rebuilding muscles. It is a great way for your kid to stay hydrated.

4. Vitamin A present in milk helps to maintain the corneal transparency and conversion of light into neural impulses on the retina. Milk also helps keep the eyes well moisturized.

5. Always keep in mind that while milk is healthy, it does have calories so make sure that your child drinks only as much milk as is required to meet his dairy requirements of the day.

6. A glass of warm milk helps children who are having difficulty in falling asleep to relax and fall asleep.

7. Daily consumption of milk reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart diseases.