Words Of Praise Works Wonders

Words Of Praise Works Wonders

We all like praises, there is nothing wrong in receiving and showering praises. In many ways, it builds confidence and makes the person feel good about oneself. Well, with kids too this is exactly the same. Have you ever noticed how your child reacts when you heap praises on him?

For a child who is trying in his own little way to make things happen, even a sweet gesture of praise means a lot. It gives the child a feel that he too is worth something. And, also in his ways he is able to make people around him happy. Praise your child as much as you can, but when he deserves it. It is a fact that too much of anything is bad. So, if you keep praising him for everything, it is quite possible that your child becomes complacent and feels that whatever he has achieved is good enough and he doesn’t need to anything beyond that.

There is always a way in which you need to deal with a child. And, here too, the trick is to shower praises and accolades in abundance but when you know that is what he deserves. Unnecessarily showering praises might prove detrimental in the long run. So, weigh the situation well and then use words and gestures prudently to make your child feel good about what he has done.