Work On Your Child's Focus And Attention Span

Work On Your Child's Focus And Attention Span

At this stage it is likely that your child has limited attention, which must be improved. One of the best ways of developing attention span is through meditation. At this age most of you might think that it is too early. But in actuality, that’s not the case. Your child is quite capable of doing meditation if you give him the opportunity to.

So, start with just a few minutes in the day and increase it slowly. Initially your child will be fidgety all through. But with time, he will start staying for longer. Make him sit for atleast ten minutes. It has been proven that meditation is one of the most effective ways of increasing attentiveness, attention span and memory.

Just that, make sure that you do do the same along with him. Your child is still quite young to meditate alone. Try and watch out for some positive results in a week's time.