You Can Arrange For Fun Activities At Home Too

You Can Arrange For Fun Activities At Home Too
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Who said you cannot have a fun filled time at home with your child? It is often forgotten that there are so many different activities that can be performed with your child right at the comfort of your home. Help him learn by exposing him to a bunch of new indoor activities that can stimulate his physical and mental development.

1. Have a fun evening with an engaging art project. Let your child have all the fun with crayons and paints. Give him a sheet of white paper and allow him to unleash his creative side.

2. You can try a fun bonding session with your child by making an indoor campsite out of a few chairs and a large bedsheet. You can make a few treats for your child and have a story telling session with him.

3. Play simple games like hopscotch, catch the ball, etc. so your child gets a little exercise indoors as well, especially on a rainy day and your child will not be able to step out. This can also be a group activity if a few of his friends can join or if other members of the family participate.

4. Ask your child to choose what he wants to do for a change. Let him explore a few different combinations of activities so that it does not get very monotonous for him. You can also try introducing new activities and see if your child seems to take a liking towards any.

5. Do not force your child into performing any activity. Let him choose whether he wants to do it or not, as your child’s attention span at this age is quite small.