You Can Help Your Kiddo Know More About Money Through Games And Activities

You Can Help Your Kiddo Know More About Money Through Games And Activities
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Teaching your little one the concept of money and how to account for it is an important aspect of your child's development in a social perspective. Knowledge about the concept of money and how to count it is the most basic and useful knowledge that you can impart to your child as a parent. Here are some tips on doing so

1. Begin with change. Start by teaching your child with the denominations of coins, as by now your little one will be conversant with counting to 10 digits. Show him the coins, let him feel it and observe it making note of how big the coin is and how the designs are on it. Help him remember the denominations by helping him count with them, along with associating them with the design on the coin thereby allowing your child to have a complete knowledge of money denominations in coins.

2. Using the knowledge of coin denominations, your child can be taught how to count to higher numbers and reinforce the same with the visual aid of coins. Not only does this reinforce basic arithmetic skills of your child, but enables him to be able to carry out small scale transactions with coins at shops. You can do this by giving your child some coins and asking him to hand you the number of coins for the given amount of money, giving him a platform to see his knowledge have practical application.

3. Once your child is conversant in handling small change, introduce him to the concept of paper money. Let him observe the different colors of the different denominations of the currency, how they feel and how big they are. Using coins to show how much each note denomination is worth is a great way to link and elevate the concept of paper money in your child, allowing for a smooth transition into the realm of higher denominations.

4. Keep in mind to let your child deal with money in a supervised environment, as they will not always know the importance and significance of money. Make sure that you are aware of how much money they are handling and instruct them on how to keep money safe, making for a holistic learning experience in monetary affairs.