Your Support And Confidence Are Critical At This Phase

Your Support And Confidence Are Critical At This Phase

Confidence is really important for a growing child. As your child begins to socialize among his peers, it is very important for him to feel confident as he approaches a new person. Helping him develop self-esteem and confidence from the start will make him a strong individual which will help him in the longer run.

1. Provide constant support and motivation to your child. At this point, your child will reply on you for opinions and decisions. It can really defer his mental wellbeing if you do not support him at this stage.

2. Encourage your child as he picks up on a new hobby. He may not be really good at it, but your encouragement will make him strive harder to put in all of his efforts to do the best he can.

3. Appreciate his efforts as much as you can, in any point possible. As your child is performing at a school play or at a recital, sports or even a game with the family. Let him know what a good job he is doing. This is going to help him feel enthusiastic about his performance.

4. Celebrate where it is due. Every time your child wins a competition or aces a test, take him out on a visit to the ice cream shop or the gaming arcade. This is going to make him feel very happy and appreciated.

5. Most of all, nurture his growth and development by giving lots and lots of love and affection. There is nothing greater to a child than his parents’ love and care.