Answering 'Where Do Babies Come From?' Question of Your Child

Answering 'Where Do Babies Come From?' Question of Your Child

''Mom, Where do babies come from?''

Ideally, this question from a child starts when they become curious about the world, as they continuously grow curious about themselves as sexual beings and it extends to the rest of their life.

How to answer 'Where do babies come from?'

So, how do you exactly answer the ''Where do babies come from?'' question of your child? Well, these effective tips will help you out:

1. Answer at the right age

Children are fascinated with pregnancy and birth. You don’t need to provide more information than what your child is asking for. That is, you wouldn’t have to talk about sex yet if your kid is just asking about “Where do babies come from?”

2. Good answers are age appropriate

It is always good to answer the child based on their level of understanding. Maybe ask them, why they want to know and that would give a clue to the piece of information they are really looking for. Then you can use that as a launching point for more helpful discussion.

3. Nourishing the young minds

In general, set a tone that allows your child to feel comfortable approaching you with questions in the future. You can use proper terms to minimize confusion, for example, say ‘uterus’ or ‘womb’ to describe where babies grow and refrain from using words such as ‘tummy’ or ‘belly.’

4. Do not avoid answering questions

Honestly, if a child is old enough to ask a question then they are usually old enough for the answer. Have a healthy open conversation and provide some basic information. As your child grows and becomes more emotionally capable, you can go into more detail.

5. Do not invent untrue explanations

Give them an honest reply. Don’t beat around the bush, but tell her what she wanted to know, tailored to her cognitive abilities at the moment and age.

6. Be casual and straightforward

If you show discomfort, your child may get the feeling that there’s something shameful about what she is asking. You can tell her that a baby usually comes out of from a mother’s vagina but in certain cases, some are born by a kind of surgery called a C-section.

7. Some great resources

You can get help to answer the question your child has, for instance, read books with your child to help answer questions. A library will have a wide range of books. You can also use educational websites. Many websites explain the basic to kids just be sure to explore the sites with your kid.

8. Narrate a story

Make your explanation into a story with a beginning, middle and an end. The father and the mother make a baby, the baby grows inside the mother’s womb and the baby comes out when she is ready. This helps children understand that creating and growing a baby is a process that happens over time.

Keep it short and simple. It is always good to answer them based on their level of understanding. It is for sure, a delicate subject and also a beautiful and natural one that needs to be conversed.

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