Always Brush In Front Of A Mirror

Always Brush In Front Of A Mirror
Health & Hygiene

Oral hygiene is really important for your child at this age. It is very much necessary that she takes good care of her teeth so that she does not develop any cavities as dental trouble can be such a pain!

1. Make sure you have a child-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your child. Let your child know that she must not swallow the toothpaste, but she is to spit it out.

2. Make her stand in front of a mirror so she is able to take a good at herself while she is in action. This helps her understand the positioning of the toothbrush along with how she is to perform the strokes.

3. Initially, you can start off with holding her hand as she brushes her teeth, so you can guide her well as to how the movements are to be done. You can later on let her do it all by herself.

4. Try brushing your own teeth and letting her copy you as you perform the action. This will help reinforce the method a lot better than just asking her to try it on her own. Make sure to help her every now and then so she gets a better understanding of how she is supposed to brush her teeth.

5. Make sure she brushes her teeth twice a day, in front of the mirror. The mirror plays a vital role in your child learning how to brush her teeth and it will enhance her interest as it becomes a fun activity rather than a chore.