Always Do a Patch Test For Allergies Before Using A New Skin Product On Your Kid

Always Do a Patch Test For Allergies Before Using A New Skin Product On Your Kid
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Since your child is still very young, her skin is very tender and prone to react to harsh substances or things that just do not agree with her. It is always best to know what may cause an allergic reaction in your child before using a product on her.

Always keep these pointers in your mind:

1. Before trying out any product like shampoo, soap, baby lotion, massage oil, talc powder, etc., make sure you read up on the ingredients. Parabens, sulphates, are some common ingredients that can cause a rash or some form of an allergic reaction in your child.

2. Pick a product that is mild and dermatologically tested. Pick brands that are generally recommended by doctors. There are several brands in the market that make really good quality baby care products.

3. Since you would be pretty much unaware of what may cause a reaction, it is definitely advisable to perform a patch test on your baby before actually putting the product on her. It is best if you do this on a small area on your baby's hand and wait for a day to see if there are any allergies. Consult a doctor if the rash is severe.

4. Do not experiment with too many products. This can again cause reactions and you will be left completely baffled as you will not be able to actually realize what may have triggered the reaction. Find a product that suits and stick with the same.

5. You can also try natural and organic products on your little one in order to keep all sorts of chemicals at bay.