Any Major Tooth Injury Needs To be Treated At Once

Any Major Tooth Injury Needs To be Treated At Once
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As a toddler begins to start playing, there will be many instances when they will be prone to a lot of falling and injury. This could result in their teeth getting broken, chipped or turning purple or black. All these have to be treated immediately to save the life of the tooth.

Keep in mind the pointers mentioned below:

1. If there is bleeding from the gums, apply pressure with a piece of wet gauze for few minutes (or until the bleeding stops). An ice cream or a frozen popsicle can control the swelling and it will also distract your baby from feeling pain. If the tooth is chipped or cracked and your baby seems to be in pain, you must take him to the dentist without delay, as part of the nerve may be exposed.

2. If you feel that the tooth is very loose, take your baby to the dentist for immediate attention. The dentist may decide to pull it out so that your baby doesn’t choke on it if it falls out on its own. Also, have the dentist take a look at a tooth that seems out of place to evaluate whether it needs to be repositioned.

3. If the tooth is chipped but it doesn't seem to be bothering your baby, take your baby to the dentist to check whether there are underlying cracks or other invisible damage. The dentist can also repair the tooth by filling it or patching it with bonding material, if required.