Applying Logical Skills In Real Life

Applying Logical Skills In Real Life
Logical Reasoning

Logical and strategical games and activities not only help in fostering your child’s prowess in problem solving and strategizing, but the thinking processes that are involved in these games can often be extrapolated and be fostered to be applied to real life situations

1. Strategy games compel your child to utilize her skills of problem solving, iteration and prioritization. When we look at these games, which are taken to be kids games, these intuitive processes that they foster are often applicable to real life situations. Hence, identifying what parts of their enthusiasm for the games they play can be applied to real life situations is a highly rewarding experience for your child and you as a parent.

2. Games like chess and checkers encourage your child to mentally plan not only his moves but anticipate his opposition’s moves and subsequently adjust his own. These kinds of games involve a multitude of levels in development of thinking abilities, relevant not only to the game but also to real life situations.

3. Games and sports that are outside the confines of the four walls of your home or your child’s school too call for a lot of thinking and strategizing, which is the case for most team sports activities, such as, soccer, basketball, etc. Encourage your child to learn these lesser known strategic aspects of these games that he loves, the mental thought processes and thinking that goes into each of the moves and plays that are made, letting your child appreciate the thinking that goes into it!

4. Keep in mind that your child may or may not catch on to these concepts that they are presented with at first instance. Remember, your child is unique in her own way and hence let her take her time in understanding and processes that are involved in the same, being patient and understanding of her difficulties as and when they arise.