Avoid Excess Stimulation In your Baby

Avoid Excess Stimulation In your Baby
1 to 2 years tip

At this stage of your child, you as a parent want to stimulate your child as much as you can. It’s good to stimulate your child, but excess stimulation can be harmful for your child's brain. Allow your child to explore themselves first, then you point out which is right and which is wrong for their growth. 

Try to be more practical in your day to day action, so that your child will observe you quickly and they will implement later which is already stored in their subconscious mind. Try to communicate in the little one's language and bring down yourself to his level and explain him about his own world. Don’t go beyond your limits, after all your child’s first teacher is you and not anybody else. Don’t force your child to do the activity which he won't be able to do at this stage. Give your child freedom to explore and understand his world and allow him to learn from it, while you be a silent mentor for your child.