Be Alert For Any Hazards From Outside The Home

Be Alert For Any Hazards From Outside The Home
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Your house might be child-proof but it is important to understand that danger can come in any form from beyond the boundaries of your home too. You can help protect your child from hazards by taking general safety measures around your home. Supervise your child but keep in mind that constant hovering over children can limit their experiences and confidence. Balancing supervision with safety precautions will help prevent accidents and injuries as well as allow your child to explore more.

1. Always supervise outdoor play even in a fenced-in area, there can be unsuspected hazards. One often overlooks the fact that danger lurks in the leaves, berries, and flowers of certain plants, so canvas your backyard carefully for species that pose a hazard.

2. If you have an electric garage door opener, keep the controls out of your child's reach and make sure the door has a functioning safety.

3. In the playgrounds, the swings may not be equipped with safety or infant seats to protect small children from spills.

4. Keep an eye on your kiddo especially when guests come in. They could leave their stuff lying within your child's reach or something in their bag could attract your child.

5. Warn your kiddo about playing with matches, cigarettes, candles, fireworks or cooking fires and punish him for disobeying.

6. Pay attention to possible suffocation dangers, such as, trunk of cars, plastic sacks, etc. Don’t let your child play with plastic sacks as he may put sacks over his head during play, which can lead to suffocation.

7. Teach your child how to interact with pets. Explain that animals can sometimes hurt him too.