Be Aware of Tears or Holes in Bean Bags and Stuffed Toys

Be Aware of Tears or Holes in Bean Bags and Stuffed Toys

Your child must be more interested at this age to play with Bean Bags because apparently most little ones of this stage enjoy the shapes and forms of it and love playing with it. You should be aware what type of mindset your child is having while playing with these shaped bags.

Always keep an eye on your child while playing with stuffed toys. They may be colorful for your child, but without his knowledge these toys tear and the little ones don’t know to handle them properly. Always buy a toy which is washable, non-breakable, and has no sharp edges that might cut or scratch your little one. At this age your child will put the toys in his mouth, so you need to provide toys which are safe even when used in this way. Your child now wants to explore this world, where he wants you to play an important role to teach him some skills of understanding. Never feel bored in front of your child when he asks you for help in play. This is a stage where you can be more close to your child and be his guardian angel too.