Be Extremely Careful Around Water

Be Extremely Careful Around Water

At this stage your child will love to play in water. You need to be very careful when she is playing, especially keep an eye on areas where you have water staged in your home. When it comes to small children, if there is something they are not supposed to do, they will do it. Drowning happens soundlessly; don’t allow yourself to get distracted when your child is in the water. If you have pool at your house, and you are eager to take your child in a pool, playing in a pool is good, but see to it that it should be drained after use, train your child to never go near the pool without an adult.

Never leave a bucket or large container of water in the open or without covering it with a lid. Water bodies can kindle a lot of curiosity in little ones and are extremely dangerous hazards for children. A child can drown in even a small amount of water and it can happen soundlessly before you realise that anything is wrong.

You need to practice water safety, try to teach your child in their learning method, the advantages and disadvantages of water. You need to bring down yourself to their level and teach water safety to your child.