Be Sure To Purchase Good quality Bubble Solution For Your Child

Be Sure To Purchase Good quality Bubble Solution For Your Child
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Blowing bubbles is every child’s favorite thing to do. If given a choice, she may want to play with bubbles all day, every day! But, there are a few things you need to worry about as your child indulges herself with the activity. Keep a check on the following things.

1. Teach your child the way she is supposed to blow bubbles. She needs to be aware of the fact that she should not take the bubble solution into her mouth as she may end up swallowing it. This can be quite harmful.

2. Make sure the bubble solution you buy is not toxic. Of course, it contains a lot of chemicals. But you need to make sure that it does not cause any severe harm to her. There are several organic bubble solutions you can buy from the market.

3. You might as well prepare the bubble solution at home. There are several different ways you can prepare a DIY soapy bubble solution, which can make really large bubbles. Dish wash solution and detergent liquid make some of the best bubble solutions.

4. Keep a check on your child as she plays with bubbles. If she accidently ends up drinking some, it can cause irritation in her stomach. Make sure she drinks a lot of water immediately as it will help dilute the solution in her stomach.

5. Make sure the bubbles don’t enter her eyes. It can cause a burning sensation. Wash her eyes with cool water in case it happens.