Be There - First Teacher To Your Child

Be There - First Teacher  To Your Child

Home is your child’s first school and you are his first teacher. There is no two ways about it. Right from the day he steps into this world, your child is used to your ways and this continues till he is all grown up and independent in life.

So, you need to be careful about what you are doing and how you want to do this. Your child will slowly need to be imparted with small skills that will help him sail through in school and other areas of life . You be his first teacher and plunge him into these activities. Understand that your child is the closest to you. So, whatever you do and also teach him, will only benefit him in the long run.

So, you sit with your child and teach him everything that you want him to learn. Also, ensure that you don’t scold or howl because he is still small and everything needs to be done in a rather positive way. Slowly, your child will learn your ways and will also understand how a certain thing is needed to be done. Be patient, be gentle, and your little one will have his own way with your help and guidance- his first teacher.