Build A Strong and Close Bond With Your Child

Build A Strong and Close Bond With Your Child
Family Bonding
  • Your cutiepie is undergoing lot of developmental changes and doing something consistently, will make him feel secure and happy. There are numerous, cute little ways by which you can bond with your child and cherish a lifelong memory.
  • Create small rituals which can have long-term effects. For instance, reading a book every night before bedtime, having meals together, singing a special song before sleeptime, a walk in the park, etc.
  • Be a part of his games, pretend play, etc. and show your fun and silly side. For instance, peek a boo, building a tower together.
  • Restrict television, internet watching, to bare minimum. If your spouse is having a hectic schedule during the week,  have one night may be on a weekend, where your spouse reads story book to your child, takes him to the park, etc. This way it is break time for you and your spouse and child can both have their special bonding time.