Carefully Document Your Kid's Progress

Carefully Document Your Kid's Progress

Keeping a track of your child's milestones can help with the early detection of any problems with respect to his health and wellness. Doing so can also help provide you with the satisfaction of your child's adequate development.

1. Documenting how your child's progress is with respect to the various developmental fronts is really important as it helps you understand how well she is doing with regard to reaching some of the milestones. You can also find out where she might be lagging and what you can do to help. The GrowthCheck questions on the app serve as a great tool for this aspect.

2. Celebrate those amazing moments as your child achieves each developmental milestone! You will be guided for the effortless tracking of your child's milestones by the "Milestones Tracker" on the app.

3. Documenting your child's progress can also help you keep track of her health. Periodic checks are an absolute requirement for your child at this stage.

4. Keep a check on the vaccinations that are already given to your child. Also, keep a look out for the ones that are pending. This is really important for you to remember. Thankfully, Vaccination Charts and Alerts present on the app come to your rescue here.

5. Record any allergic reactions to certain foods and products your child can have so that you do not encounter the situation again. Nutrition is a very important aspect of your child's growth. There are several child-friendly recipes on the app you can try!