Choking Hazards - Ensure that Other People Are Aware

Choking Hazards  - Ensure that Other People Are Aware

As your child enters in this phase of life, he would still tend to put things in his mouth, and it is one of the ways that your child explores this world, different things, textures and patterns. Choking is usually caused by food, toys, and other small objects that can easily lodge in a child's small airway. You need to encourage your child to chew food as much as he can to be swallowed easily to avoid choking.

Teach him to chew and swallow his food before talking or laughing. Do not allow your child to run or play while eating. Always give information to other members in the family to be cautious of choking hazards with your child. Never buy small metal or iron toys for your child; these toys don't meet safety regulations and often contain small parts. Your home should be a safe place for your little one to explore. Your child’s activities like touching, holding, climbing, and exploring are the great way to develop his body and mind and risky toys must be avoided at all costs.