Common Causes Of Your Baby's Cries At This Point

Common Causes Of Your Baby's Cries At This Point

Babies cry for many reasons. For your baby, it is the only source to express his feelings. The need of food, sleep can be a general cause of crying.

Sometimes, colic pain in his stomach can make him cry. After a long day of play and sleep his body becomes exhausted and may even pain. This also may be the reason of him crying.

A good massage can be an answer for it.

Some severe cough cold and nose blockage can also make him cry. If he is used to an evening walk in park, he may cry if you don't take him for one, because babies have a tendency to hold on to their habits a lot more than adults do, but good thing is it's way more flexible and you can change it in a metter of few days.

His want for his mother can at times be a reason. Whatever be the reason, you have to find a solution to make your baby calm and happy in all possible situations since seeing your little champ cry is not a sight any parent would like.