Demonstrate How To Blow a Bubble To Your Kid

Demonstrate How To Blow a Bubble To Your Kid

Blowing bubbles is the most fun activity of one’s childhood that no kid should be deprived of. Your kid is no exception. If taught in the correct manner, it doesn’t take too much to grasp the method of blowing bubbles. Though it can get a little messy, but don’t forget, toddlers are always attracted to messier things to play with, be it, mud, dirty leaves, grass or soapy bubbles.

Here are some quick tips that’ll help you teach your kids how to blow a bubble:

1. Start with asking your child to practice blowing bubbles using a straw. All you can do is put a straw into a glass of water and ask your kid to blow bubbles into the drink. Ensure this activity doesn’t happen during meal hours. Put it in a fun game format for them.

2. Give him a straw that is bigger in width so it’ll be easier for them to blow bubbles with.

3. Next, give him soapy water and a wand. Teach them to first dip the wand in soapy water & then bring the wand close to their lips while maintaining some distance so as to not let the soapy wand touch their mouth. Then, ask your toddler to make a face like he is kissing the wand and make him blow through the gap in the wand.

4. And, voila! You’ve successfully taught your little one to have some fun with bubbles without too much of a hassle.