Do Not Apply Any Home Remedy On a Burn

Do Not Apply Any Home Remedy On a Burn
1y to 2y

As your child is growing, it is quite a common that he hurts himself in more than just one way. It can be very alarming at first, but you will soon realize that it becomes an every day occurrence.

1. Make a mental note of how high your child can reach, so you do not place any objects that can cause harm to him. Be vigilant at all times as your child starts to get busy on his tiny feet. Make sure he does not grab a hot substance as it can cause a nasty burn on his tender skin.

2. If your child ends up hurting himself by coming in contact with something hot, do not treat the burn yourself using something that you find in the kitchen. This can cause further damage or an infection as well.

3. Clarified butter, coconut oil, and butter are some of the commonly used substances used in Indian households to treat a burn. This is a strict no no for a child as young as yours. This may worsen the situation beyond your imagination if at all your child develops an infection after you do so.

4. Make sure to perform immediate first aid on the burn area by washing it with running cold water. Do not reach out for any ointments or skin creams. Do not cover up the burnt area.

5. Take your child to the doctor after immediate first aid so you can get the right medication for your little one.