Do Not Leave Any Small Objects Lying Within Your Kid's Reach

Do Not Leave Any Small Objects Lying Within Your Kid's Reach
1y to 2y

Your child by this age will begin to move about so much that it constantly worries you. She will get super busy on her feet and move about anywhere and everywhere. This can be quite dangerous if you do not keep a watch on her activities!

1. First of all, note your child's favorite places in the house. She would have made it a habit to go to a certain number of places where she may find her toys or other things she may like a lot. Make sure these places are baby proofed. Also, make sure there are no objects that can harm her.

2. Next, measure how high she can reach with her hands. She will tend to pick up everything she finds to explore them as she can be very curious at this age. Make sure nothing small that can cause a choking hazard is within her reach.

3. Also, ensure that nothing hot, brittle, sharp or rusted is around her. Always remember that she can hurt herself with pretty much anything! The curious streak in your child will put the object to test and she may really harm herself as she explores it.

4. Objects like coins, buttons, screws, etc. should be put away in some place she cannot find. Make sure no small object is lying around on the floor or within her reach. This can cause the most harm out of all.

5. Make sure to be aware of your child's activities at all times. Supervision at this age is really important as her behavior is quite unpredictable.