Do Not Restrict Your Child's Scribbling Habit

Do Not Restrict Your Child's Scribbling Habit

Your child is now at an age where he will scribble all over the place, no matter where he is. We understand, this can be annoying, but still never try to stop it. This is the age of exploration in many ways for your little one. And in his own sweet way your little one is exploring things around him.

Scribbling is a way in which your child will get a hang of writing. Understandably, it is a pretty messy affair for sure. You will probably have scribbles all around you. Walls and wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bed sheet, couches and everywhere that you can think of! Now, what you can really do is, try and allot a place for his scribbling.

You can use washable paints so that you can remove the stain as and when required. But, by and large, don’t stop him from doing this. If you stop, in a matter of time, your child will lose his interest in writing. And this will affect him when he starts his schooling. Understand that scribbing is nothing but his own way of learning certain things. Help him out to master it more in way that he is happy and so are you.