Does Your Child Have Opinions At This Stage?

Does Your Child Have Opinions At This Stage?
Psychological Development

Sometimes as a parent, you wonder about the growth and potential your little one has in herself even if she is just a little over 1 year old. The possibility is limitless and so are her opinions.

Very rarely, you see your child not having an opinion on anything. It is always first-hand, whether it is about any outfit or fixation about any particular color or it could be her favorite toy or her favorite doll to sleep with. She is very particular and you get to know that very soon as she starts off. But on the other hand, this has a good side also like- opinions can be changed when she is 1 year old and not when she is 10 years old, since time only strengthens thoughts, beliefs and habits.

As she starts on early, you have the possibility to change it or to modify it. Your role as a parent is very important at this age. You have to make her understand that it is very good to be opinionated but not in every situation.