Encourage Physical Movement During Play

Encourage Physical Movement During Play
  • Your child has started walking now. With this newly gained motor skill, she wants to experiment various ways of moving. Jumping, running, climbing are few of them.
  • Encourage her to try and build her gross motor skills. Playing peek a boo, walking in the park, climbing onto a chair, table , running and kicking a ball, etc. will get her to be active during the day and boost her confidence.
  • Provide a safe environment and ample space in the room for her to move around and explore.
  • Play her favourite nursery rhymes and encourage her to dance along. Invest in toys that she can pull and push along while walking.
  • Always encourage moving, this helps your child develop posture and build muscle strength and lays the foundations for more complex movements like standing, walking and running. Don’t forget to give your child lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses. Empathy and positive attention are good for your child’s emotional growth too.