Encourage The Kid To Engage In Gardening

Encourage The Kid To Engage In Gardening
1y to 2y
Health & Nutrition

Teaching your child how to get her hands dirty in a garden can be a really fun, bonding activity for the two of you. Gardening helps relax your minds to a great extent. Your child will be especially pleased when she sees her efforts bear fruit, literally and figuratively!

1. This activity will teach your child a great deal about nature. She will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of growing a plant like germination, flowering, etc.

2. Start off with something simple and quick, like growing ragi. You can use a small pot for this little experiment. Show her. how it is done by planting a few seeds yourself so that she can follow your actions. The germination process happens really quickly and your child will be able to experience every bit of progress.

3. If you are scared that your child is not ready to handle a few gardening tools, you can start off by introducing a watering can, so that she can go about watering the plants. Let her know that plants actually respond to the love and care she gives and they grow much better.

4. You can also help her plant a few flowering plants in your garden and follow the same procedure with watering them and making sure they get enough sunlight. It may take a while for the flowers to bloom but it will be totally worth it. 5. Make sure she washes her hands thoroughly after getting her hands dirty, especially under the nails and there can be dirt under there.