Encourage Your Little one to eat on his own

Encourage Your Little one to eat on his own
Eating Habit
  • By now, your little one’s pincer grasp (the ability to grab small items using thumb and forefinger) is well developed. This will assist him in self feeding and doing other activities. In order to develop healthy eating habits early on, eating on his own is very crucial. This will not only make him more independent but also will get him to be conscious of the eating process.
  • Practice with your child. Show him how to have finger foods and eat together as a family.
  • Offer your child safe foods like small bites of cheese, small pieces of bread, small pieces of cooked vegetables like carrots, potatoes that he can hold and eat on his own. Supervise.
  • Be prepared for a mess as he tries to eat on his own. Don’t look for perfection. Use bibs. You can place a protective cover underneath his chair to facilitate cleaning of the mess.
  • While introducing spoons, look for ones that are light in weight, rounded at the top and usually made of plastic. Invest in plates, spoons that are colourful and may be, has his favourite cartoon character. 
  • Don’t force your child to eat on his own. Let him take the lead and praise his efforts. Make him realize, he has made you proud.