Ensure That You Keep All Hot Substances Out Of Your Kid's Reach

Ensure That You Keep All Hot Substances Out Of Your Kid's Reach
1y to 2y

At this age, your child will get super busy on his feet, moving about just anywhere and everywhere in and around the house. It is really important that you keep a keen eye on him while he is at it because he can really hurt himself.

1. Have an estimate of his reach. Make sure you do not keep anything that can harm his in his reach. He will be very curious to gran anything he find because he wants to explore the object.

2. Make sure there are no sharp objects like knives, needles, etc. around him. Hot things like candles, lamps, electric appliances, etc. should be particularly out of his reach.

3. A hanging tablecloth is an invitation to disaster. If you have decorated your tables with beautiful tablecloths and your child sets his eye on one of those, he may pull the cloth and everything on the table, also the table may come tumbling down.

4. Your child needs to be particularly safe from hot objects, like coffee or tea, while you are taking a sip. Make sure you are very vigilant and that you do not spill any. Accidents can happen at times where your child may come and pounce on you and this can be very harmful on his tender skin.

5. Always keep a first-aid kit handy. Make sure you have all the necessities that treat burn wounds, cuts, bleeding, etc. Know what agrees with your child by consulting his doctor and prepare a kit, which you can reach in case of an emergency.