Focus On Events That Resonate With Your Child

Focus On Events That Resonate With Your Child
  • At this stage, your child's memory skills are better than yesterday but less stronger than what it should be. With repetition and practice, your child builds his memory  and learns mastery over doing new things and activities.
  • You can nurture your child’s memory by asking him about his day. Everyday at bedtime spare few minutes to know about his day. For instance, if he has gone for a birthday party that evening, ask him ''How was the party?'' ''What did you do there?'' ''Whose party was it?'' etc.
  • Make an album of his first birthday pics or recent trip to the zoo, amusement park, etc. As he goes through the picture, he will tell the story himself. Read books to him, even if he asks for the same story to be repeated again and again. Soon you will find him telling the entire story all by himself.