Follow a Proper Feeding Schedule For Your Child

Follow a Proper Feeding Schedule For Your Child
1 to 2 years tip

Feeding is probably one of the most important aspects of your child’s growing years. It is one thing that cannot be compromised, no matter what. Feeding has no set rules. It differs from parents to parents, family to family and kid to kid. Your child will also have his own way of eating and a habit around it. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. At this age, when your child is inching towards his second birthday, he is more of an active child and at the peak of his growth. In this case, it is important that, in your own way you set a routine and mealtimes for the child. This helps in many ways.

Your child will run on his own body clock. Giving food at a particular time and in particular intervals will make him eat regularly, feeding his growth. You don’t have to run behind him all the day. The gap should be sufficient, so that your child feels hungry and is in need of food. Or else, you may end up over feeding the little one, which is again a big no-no! Thus, it is important that you feed your child in required portions in regular intervals so that he is used to a particular feeding pattern. This will ensure a healthy and active growth in your child.