Follow An Established Bed Time Routine

Follow An Established Bed Time Routine
  • After a day with your full of energy and enthusiastic child, you want him to settle down early to bed and get yourself the required rest. However, with his new skills like walking, talking, etc., he wants to be awake to practice and experience more of them.  Following a consistent bedtime schedule will ease him to sleep and with practice he can predict its now time to sleep.
  • With a bedtime ritual, he learns to slow down and be calm and relaxed. Keep it at the same time every day. The ritual can include getting into his sleep wear, brushing teeth and being read a story book.
  • Let the environment in the room be noise and distraction free with the right temperature and lighting.
  • Work on getting your child to fall asleep on his own as soon as the bedtime ritual is done. He may want to cling to his favourite teddy bear or blanket which is self -comforting for him as he goes to sleep. That’s fine. However, avoid rocking or feeding him to fall asleep. This won’t get him to sleep on his own. This creates dependency.
  • Stick to the nap timings and don’t extend them too long. This can interrupt with his night sleep schedule.