Give Your Child Undivided Positive Attention

Give Your Child Undivided Positive Attention

Your child at this stage is trying to talk and looks up to you for comfort and lots of love. The best way to set his social and emotional well-being early on is to give him undivided attention.

Be present, as he looks at you and respond to his facial expressions and sounds he is making(babbling). Maintain eye contact and go at his pace. Similarly, your little one tries to make sense of your gentle voice, positive tone, smile and facial expressions. Eventually, both of you establish a two way communication well before he can even put his thoughts and feelings in words. Both of you are understanding each other. He knows you will take care of him while you learn how to take care of his needs and give him the best.

Reading books to him is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. He not only develops an interest in books but also will take on new challenges like trying to repeat the sounds in the words etc. eventually enhancing his language abilities.