Give Your Kid Plenty Of Time To Get Used To Weaning

Give Your Kid Plenty Of Time To Get Used To Weaning
  • Your child  has started eating solids and other foods in addition to breast milk. He has also learnt to drink from a cup.
  • If you have decided to wean your child from breast milk, do it in gentle loving  ways.  Never end it abruptly. 
  • Replace one daily breastfeed with cup of formula. Slowly reduce the number of times you breastfeed. Include healthy snacks and other solids which will take care of his nutrition needs.
  • If you have been giving him a feed before bedtime, introduce a bed time ritual wherein he has eaten well, gets into his night clothes and you can read a book to him. This takes time but gradually gives him the message that it is time to sleep. Give  his favourite toy or blanket to comfort him.  Be consistent while following the routine.
  • It is emotional for you as well as your baby while ending breastfeeding. Hence, hug him  and give him lot of attention by playing, reading , talking to him. Please remember you want your child to be more self-reliant.