Help Your Baby In Cruising

Help Your Baby In Cruising
Gross motor

Before your baby starts walking, around 8 to 11 months, you will find him trying to pull himself to a standing position. He will hold on to furniture, walls and cruise along. Give your little one freedom to move around.

Childproofing your home is critical.  Keep it safe for him. Remove any unstable furniture or those that have sharp corners.

Your ultimate goal is to get him to achieve the next milestone, that is walking. Encouragement does wonders as your cutiepie cruises along. As he gets more confident while cruising, try to let go off the furniture or wall. However, ensure he has a soft landing spot. Be closeby as far as possible.

You can help your baby move from one place to another by showing him how to hold one part of the sofa and then move to another. You may need to keep a toy whose place you can shift so your baby can follow. This will help improve his balance and make his movement more independent.