Help Your Child Deal With Dangers

Help Your Child Deal With Dangers
1y to 2y

One of the biggest worries for any parent is keeping their child safe from any danger. Let your child handle fear and danger with caution by demonstrating that fire, sharp objects, strangers, etc., can be harmful and should be handled very carefully; never without you.

1. At this age your child can walk, run, climb, jump, and explore everything. Because of all the new things he can do, this stage is a very dangerous time in your child’s life. A kitchen counter table, sofa set, allows your child to climb to dangerously high places. Remember, your child does not understand what is dangerous. It is your responsibility to protect your child from any dangerous act.

2. Children will encounter strangers all throughout their lives. Tell your child not to walk out with any stranger.

3. Keep kitchen appliances, irons, and heaters out of reach of your child. Keep sharp objects, such as scissors, knives, and pens in a safe place.

4. At this age, children love to play in water. Never leave your child alone in or nearby bath tub or swimming pool. Make him play in water under your supervision. Let him enjoy splashing, or soap bubbles along with you.

5. Teach him how to be seated in car properly. Car safety is much important to teach to your child. Also, teach him to be wary of dangers outside the house, such as, crossing the street in traffic, encountering street dogs, etc.