Help Your Child Learn Sharing

Help Your Child Learn Sharing

At this age , for your cutepie it is all about him. To share, is almost a NO for him as he is possessive about his things and has yet to develop empathy for others. You will see him  playing  alongside with other children rather than with them. However, learning to share is vital for his social and emotional development.

Read books to your child that talk about sharing and caring.

Model sharing yourself. For instance, if you have cut fruits on the plate, ask him, “Do you want one? Come, let’s have together.” 

Give him opportunities to share. For instance, if he is into building a tower using blocks, tell him to give one block to you and your spouse. Then finally, you all can build the tower. OR ask him to give you a piece of his cookie. 

Never force him to share. Your child has the right to own his valuable possessions which you need to respect and acknowledge. Don’t make it a struggle for both of you.