Help Your Kid Hone Their Imaginative And Motor Skills

Help Your Kid Hone Their Imaginative And Motor Skills
1y to 2y
Gross motor

Helping your child develop an active imagination can really help her with keeping an active mind. This will also improve her thinking abilities. Motor skills on the other hand, help with the overall development of your child. You can help your child develop both imagination as well as motor skills by finding new ways that agree with your child’s temperament.

1. Tell your child lots of stories. This will help her imagine as you narrate, especially if you are very descriptive with your narration. You can take this to the next level by asking her to narrate it after a certain point, using her imagination.

2. Teach your child lots of games that help with her motor skills. Teach her games like Frisbee, hopscotch, etc. that help her with body balance, muscle control, hand eye coordination, muscle coordination.

3. Help her perform activities that support the development of her imagination. Activities like arts and crafts help her bring her creativity into life. She can try all sorts of coloring with textures, different types of paints, crayons, etc. She can do the same with crafts.

4. Introduce games pinning the tail to a donkey, ball, and a cup (string a ball to a cup and make the ball go inside the cup), etc. These games help with the development of fine motor skills in your child.

5. You can also teach your child some simple things or chores that are needed for everyday life like putting on a button, tying shoelace, etc.