How Much Fat In Your Child's Diet Is Good?

How Much Fat In Your Child's Diet Is Good?

Fat is an important nutrient that your baby must need for proper growth. At this age, a wholesome food habit is imperative for your little one. So, choice of correct food is also important. Fat, is definitely the need of the hour. But then choosing the right kind of fat and the right quantity is also important.

Keep in mind the fact that this is the time when your child will slowly start getting hooked to junk food too. And that is rather harmful fat that will seep into his system. So, as a parent what you need to do is watch out that only good fat reaches his system. Give your child a lot of ghee (preferably homemade), butter, potatoes, milk, paneer and other such products that contain unsaturated fat.

These ingredients in a required quantity is going to boost his immunity, build his muscles, and make him strong. While the fat that comes from the junk, even though tastes good is going to damage his body right from an early age. So, as much as it is important to see that your child’s fat requirement is met on a regular basis, it is equally important to see, what is the source of the fat in his body. This way your child will grow healthy and strong in the coming years without accumulating unnecessary weight and being an obese child.