How To Beat Your Stress After 1 Year Of Motherhood

How To Beat Your Stress After 1 Year Of Motherhood
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The birth of your little angel brings joy and excitement. You feel blessed. After a year the stress of motherhood starts building up. Your baby sleeps lesser than before and sometimes she remains awake in the night, giving you sleepless nights.

Share some hours of babysitting with your family members, be it your husband or your in- laws. Sleep well to energize yourself. Go for an evening outing with your co-mum friends. Share your experiences, tips and jokes. This will help you to come out of the everyday stress of motherhood.

Go out on weekends to see a movie or dinner out with your family. Take out some time for yourself. Spend quality time with your spouse. Gradually, give your sexual life a start to make love life as smooth as possible and also exercise as often as you can as it will help you get rid of stress and give you a positive overview of life.