How To Boost Your Baby’s Attention Span From Now

How To Boost Your Baby’s Attention Span From Now
1y to 2y
Cognitive Development

The initial years of life are instrumental in developing focus and concentration. Here are some tips to boost your baby’s attention span.

1. No TV or video for the first 2 years. Instead of helping your toddler focus, it engulfs your child’s attention. 

2. Let him have a safe and cozy place to remain occupied for a longer time. It could be a crib or a play area in a room where there are no distractions.

3. Don’t interrupt, observe what your baby is doing. Disrupting his activity will lessen his attention.

4. Letting your baby choose what to play will help him engage his focus rather than you selecting for him. Also, playing with him with the toy he chooses will keep him engaged. 

5. Give him toys which can help him explore and keeps his mind focused instead of musical mobiles or any wind up toys.

As your child grows up, these tips will help him have a better attention span and his concentration on important things will be more stable.