How To Boost Your Kid's Immunity

How To Boost Your Kid's Immunity
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In today's world where video games have replaced games that involve physical exercise and laptops and smartphones capture children's interest more than anything else, it is very crucial for your child to have really good immunity. Falling sick is also quite common because of the very same reason. Here are a few things you can do to help.

1. Your child's diet is of the most importance. Make sure you include lots and lots of fruits and vegetables in his meals. Ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs for an active lifestyle. Consult a dietician to have a suitable food chart for him.

2. Make sure he gets some exercise. Do allow your child to play video games and what not, but parallelly, let him play outside with his friends where some physical strain is exerted.

3. Is he getting enough sleep and rest? Make sure he does. It is really important for your child to sleep well so that he can restore all the energy he needs for the following day. It is best if he gets some nap time during the day as well.

4. Teach him about cleanliness. Tell him that he needs to wash his hands and legs after playing outside, before meals, etc. Bathing regularly, keeping good oral hygiene - all of these play a major role in keeping germs and illness away.

5. Make sure that your child is not exposed to a lot of pollution. This can cause diseases in the longer run.