How To Deal With Your Child's Crying Jags

How To Deal With Your Child's Crying Jags
Emotional Development
Expressing needs

It is really tough when your little one cries, but you also have to remember one thing that crying is the only way your little one communicates with you. Your child knows that you will respond to his needs the moment you see him crying.

Your little one is an emotional being, and he can express his emotions only through crying-whether he is hungry or he is in pain or you being inattentive towards him. You have to follow his leads, when he pays attention to you, you respond him back with your gentle touch, when he is busy in his world you also look away and do your own thing.

Your baby will only cry when he feels that you are not engaged with him. You continue to let your baby lead the exchange, sharing joys with your little one will form a greater bond between the two of you. And when you are not able to manage his endless cries, do not feel irritated or limited as a parent. It happens, just try and seek various ways to connect with him in his own way and you will be able to make him smile and happy.