How To Protect Baby's Ears From Water During Bathing

How To Protect Baby's Ears From Water During Bathing
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At this stage of your child, it’s common to give your child daily bath, but with a mild soap or you can wipe your child with warm water just to protect her ears from water. By doing this you can protect your child’s ear from water during bathing.

Your little one must feel that bathing is a fun filled activity for her. You may also feel the same, but keeping precaution while in water is also as important as bathing to keep oneself clean and tidy. It is a pleasant experience for your child to kick and move about without clothes on. It would be a quality time spent with your child and there is obviously a lot of eye contact which your child must be doing while bathing, that intensifies your bonding time. You can teach water safety at that particular time to your child. You have to keep all things you will need for bathing your child beforehand, including essentials required after bath as well. Try to take water in your hand and clean the face and ears of your baby rather than pouring it with mug.