How To Stimulate Your Child's Thinking Abilities

How To Stimulate Your Child's Thinking Abilities

Helping your child develop good thinking abilities is very much vital growing up. Your child needs to pick up on good reasoning skills and the ability to think on his toes. This can be easily developed over time by your help. Here is how.

1. Clear your child’s doubts with actual answers. Do not push away any question asked by him. Satisfying his curiosity is really important as he gains knowledge by means of asking questions. Do not get frustrated as your child asks you way too many questions.

2. Describe your answers to his questions really well. This will help him visualize all that you are telling him. Make sure you do not lie to him if your child asks you a question that can be awkward to answer. Give him how much he needs to know.

3. Conduct scientific experiments that help him learn better. Simple experiments like mixing sand and water and showing him how sand settles down, growing a plant, etc. can really help him learn a lot better. This also helps him think about what can happen next.

4. Puzzles really put his thinking to test. Simple jigsaw puzzles, finding differences between two pictures, etc. help his observation skills as well as his thinking abilities. You can try tons of activities that require strategic thinking.

5. Analytical puzzles like stacking, building blocks, etc. also can have a significant impact on his thinking abilities. Toy sets like nuts and bolts, lego sets, etc. are brilliant for this aspect.