Importance Of Being Positive Towards Your Child

Importance Of Being Positive Towards Your Child

Your cutie pie at this stage needs a lot of positivism. You can be positive to your little one in numerous ways. When you give positive attention to your child, he feels secured, valued and immensely happy. You are also laying down the foundation of building a positive self-image for him.

Smile at him. Comfort him when he cries.

Listen to your baby with undivided attention and talk often. Keep eye contact and use caring and loving facial expressions. When he babbles, respond back. For instance, if he says ba-ba for ball you can say, “Yes, this is a ball.”

Create special bonding times like reading time, play time.

When your child does something special, praise his efforts. For instance, if he picks up blocks and puts it in the box, say “Good job!” The positive tone in your voice will do the magic.