Important Point About Potty Training

Important Point About Potty Training
Health & Hygiene
  • At this stage, it is very important to get your child ready for toilet training. This is a huge transition and you must avoid making it stressful for your little one.
  • Your child learns by imitation. You can get his favourite stuffed animal and pretend it is going to the bathroom.
  • Let him be aware of the names, pee and poop. Talk to him about everyone using the washroom at home and read to him books wherein  children are getting potty trained.
  • Buy a potty chair and explain to him about how it is used. Let him investigate the chair and feel comfortable sitting on it.
  • Don’t rush into the process. You need to be patient while getting him potty trained.
  • Show the child how it is done by taking off the diaper and using the step by step guide. You will need lots of patience as some kids will take time to get the hang of it. Limit bedtime drinks to help the child stay dry at night.