Inculcate Good behavior Right From An Early Age

Inculcate Good behavior Right From An Early Age

Even though your child’s language and cognitive abilities are developing at this point, with consistency and reinforcement, you can start inculcating good behaviour early on in your little one. Stick to his schedule as far as possible. Be it nap time, food time, bed time or play time- keep it the same time daily. This will help him know what is expected of him during the day.

Your baby reads your facial expressions and senses the tone in your voice. Communicate what behaviour is expected of him in few clear words. For instance, if he is throwing books, say, “No throwing.” If your baby is getting stubborn or disobeys you for something, try diverting his attention.

If he behaves well, praise him. For instance, during a playdate, if he shares his toy with a fellow kid, say, “Good of you to share.”

Model the right behaviour yourself. Practice what you preach. If you yell at him, how can you expect him to talk calmly? Be patient as disciplining and expecting the right behaviour takes time.

Encourage good habits in day to day activities. For instance, if he has finished his play, tell him “ Clean up time.” Initially show him how to put his toys back in the box and praise his efforts as he joins in.